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Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm PST
have doppler tracking storms, take a look at the storm total wtz last three storms. santa rosa 16 inches of rain. and san jose, just under two and a half inches of rain. it pushed our rainfall percent of normal way up. santa rosa, 178%. san francisco, 106. in san francisco, well above average. i'll be back to let you know when the next storm is coming. it's going to be weaker, we'll talk about how much rain it will bring in just minutes. >> napa is get remove from serious flooding it's endured 24 major floods. they're undergoing a flood prevention project. the project uses bypasses to control the flof water. the area was under flood warning but napa never saw a river or creek water touch the streets. >> it can be dramatic and fast. it could create damage. >> instead of cleaning froors... we're getting packages ready to be ship i'd would venture to say it's saved cost in this flood. >> according to the plant the project should be completed but the funding trickles in every year from the federal government. so it's still years away from being finished. >> i'm sure one of the things
Dec 9, 2012 6:00am PST
santa rosa is a couple degrees warmer. san francisco 47. good morning redwood city, 48. 49 in mountain view and a mild, relatively speaking, 50 in san jose. that's five degrees above where you were yesterday but it's really fremont and livermore that are experiencing the much warmer conditions. not much change-up in san rafael, and subtle changes along the coast in san francisco. boy, a pretty mild to start out. just in the last hour numbers coming up along the shoreline. we will look for a little bit of fog here and there, but overall with the cloudy skies this morning that's keeping us a little warmer. then by the afternoon the winds will take over and that's going to usher in a slightly milder air mass. high pressure over the bay area continues to bring that sub continuance and that warming today and tomorrow. but by tuesday it will be coming to a screeching halt as we look for another wind shift. the temperatures will drop and then we will look for showers to head our way late tuesday into wednesday. so some of the forecasted highs today low to mid-60s, and, yeah, for early decembe
Dec 7, 2012 5:00pm PST
temperatures down to 36 degrees in napa. like this morning. 35 in santao/!y rosa.pzt 37 in fairfield. bundle up if you have plans tomorrow, it's going to be cold. and of course, watch out for fog. high pressure controls weather. plenty of sunshine, occasionally clouds. this is what you'll are to worry b fog is spilling over towards north and east bay valleys. so watch fourt patchy valley fog. tomorrow afternoon, 62 in san jose. 64 los gatos. beautiful day. high clouds, half moon bay, 60 degrees. 61 in downtown san francisco. 61 in san rafael. 63, oakland. and much like today, inland, 62 in danville. wispy clouds. 60s in carmel. 63 in morgan hill, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. and i hope you like what you see. a little bit milder than saturday. mid to upper 60s same range mob. a great way to start off the week. cooler tuesday, looking at accu-weather forecast, notice the chance of showers sharp drop in the temperatures mid to upper 60s. cooler pattern continues on thursday. then, by friday, we're bringing in a chance of rain late on friday. so as mentioned earlier we're two wee
Dec 9, 2012 5:00am PST
are talking mid-60s in oakland, san jose 65, 64 livermore and 65 in santa rosa. down by the monterey bay there is plenty of cloud cover right now but by the afternoon talking warmup with 66 in salinas and 64 gilroy. tomorrow to start the work week, very little change. here comes the cool down with more clouds and perhaps more rain by the overnight hours and more scattered showers on wednesday into thursday. look at the numbers drop a good ten degrees. maybe we will look for a dry day friday but looks like the weekend could be wet again. we will have to see as it gets closer. >> keep an eye on that. thank you, lisa. the 49ers play the miami dolphins this afternoon at candlestick park. the niners are teaming up with operation dream, a local nonprofit to collect toys for needy children. you can bring a new unwrapped toy but no toy guns or weapons for obvious security reasons. cash will also be accepted. volunteers will have collection buckets this the parking lot near stadium entrances. >>> next weekend dela salle high school will go for the state title for the fourth year in a row after bl
Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
's been here recently. over 16 inches of rain in santa rosa. nearly four inches in oakland. quite a drenching today. we got a nice break. rain moving in again. in mendocino county and along the coastline it's going to push into northern son owe gnomea county. there is some rain in the north bay. tomorrow, rain in the northern part of the state. cooler there. here in the bay area a mixed bag as well. rain will be confined to the north bay tomorrow, will be cooler with highs there only into 50s. tryer, milder here is the accu-weather forecast. drying out after wednesday, which will be a wet day. thursday, which is raider's day of course. dry conditions on thursday, friday. and saturday. >>> okay. let's breakdown this quarterback situation. the 49ers in a business sense, take coach harbaugh is an investor. your money would be safe, doesn't have many turnovers. it's a solid investment. he doesn't take chances thchl was plays from the super bowl last year. this year, before his stock started to slide with a bad hit in the third quarter of the season. and then a hot new start up comes a
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
to an inch there. jant rosa, 98/100th. looking towards livermore just over a half inch of rain. when i come back, what this moisture behind me means for your morning commute.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6